30 April 2014

The Supper of the Lord

                Precious body, precious blood
                Here in bread and wine
                Here the Lord prepares the feast divine
                Bread of love is broken now
                Cup of live is poured
                Come let’s share the supper of the Lord

Verse 1:
This is the bread of God coming down from heav’n
Giving life to us to all the world

Verse 2:
“I am the living spring of eternal life;
You that drink from me shall not thirst again.”

Verse 3:
“I am the bread of heav’n giving life to you
You that eat this bread shall never die.”

Verse 4:
“All those who feed on me have their life in me
As I have my life in the living God.”

Verse 5:
All praise to you, O Christ, present in this feast
In this bread we share in one life, one Lord

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