30 April 2014

Alleluia Sing To Jesus

F             Bb         C
Alleluia, sing to Jesus
F                           C
His the scepter, his the throne
F            Bb              C   
Alleluia his the triumph
F                   C        F
His the victory alone
Bb                      C                   F
Hark the songs of peaceful Sion
Bb           Gm    C           F
Thunder like a mighty flood
F        Bb        F         C7   
Jesus out of every nation
F          Bb                C        F
Has redeemed us by his blood

F            Bb        C     
Alleluia not as orphans
F                        C
Are we left in sorrow now
F             Bb       C
Alleluia he is near us
F                               C               F
Faith believes nor question how
Bb                                    C              F   
Though the cloud from sight received Him
Bb           Gm      C                 F
When the forty days were oér
F               Bb             F           C7 
Shall our hearts forget his promise
F         Bb            C      F   
        “I am with you ever more?”

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