13 October 2014

Though We Are Many

Though We Are Many
(Bernard Sexton)

Though we are many, we are one body,
we who come to share this living bread;
Cup of salvation, shared among all nations,
nourishing us now and evermore.

Verse 1:
We gather in this place
round the table of the Lord.
Christ’s presence is revealed
in our communion and his Living Word.

Verse 2:
Now our communion recalls
Christ’s death and resurrection.
This living sacrifice
is our salvation now and evermore.

Verse 3:
And through this shared Eucharist
we are the living Church.
We witness to Christ’s love
His living body active in our world.

Verse 4:
This bread unites the baptised
who are called to this great feast.
The feast, a sign of God's love,
a great communion with the saints above.

Verse 5:
And when we leave here today
with hearts renewed in joy,
So nourished, we will embrace
the challenge now to live the Christian call.

Verse 6:
As Patrick prophet of old
trod the path we tread today,
so we proclaim the Good News
and share the living message with joy

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